Delhi To Dharamshala – Everyone needs a break from the marauding crowd, regular hustle-bustle, and the monotony of a busy, scheduled life. What could be more relaxing and rejuvenating to visit a place free from pollution, crowd, and a haven of greenery? Dharamshala is a place whose mere imagination oozes freshness, peace, and serene beauty. Though this picturesque land can be visited by other means- air and rail, but, the plethora of options available during a road trip are matchless. While visiting Dharamshala can be a great experience, the opportunity to halt a few important places on the go could add more flavor to the entire journey! Now, the question is how far is Dharamshala from Delhi?

Food Stops On The Way To Dharmashala

Whether it is an Indian wedding or a road trip, a yummy platter changes the air hovering around. The trip from Delhi to Dharamshala is a long one and a craving for tasty meals could be everyone’s choice. Here’s a list of the food courts and restaurants that can provide ambient service with mouth-watering food.

Mahalaxmi Sangam Dhaba, Murthal: Famous for its North Indian delicacies

Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal: A unique restaurant with a variety of dishes

Mannat Dhaba, Pipli: A must-visit for travelers

Guru Nanak Dhaba: Karnal: Best authentic Punjabi cuisine can be tasted here

Car Drive

Car travel from Delhi to Dharamshala is the usually preferred option by many as it can customize their travel experience. The comfort and luxury while traveling in a car cannot be compared to other modes of transport. Senior citizens and minors have a great time while traveling by car.

The freedom to halt, freshen up, or look at a beautiful landscape while driving can only be availed in this journey. Moreover, it carries the luggage safely to the destination without worries as they are within hand’s reach.

Public Transport: Bus

Opting for a bus journey can be another choice as various luxury busses are available within a budget expense. Have a check on the Delhi to Dharamshala bus timings, most buses depart from Delhi during evening hours.

Various operators are providing bus services, including the Himachal Road Transport Corporation; a government entity to provides daily services on this route. They halt for food and refreshments en route and reach Dharamshala by the next morning. Usually, the time taken by busses is approximately twelve hours. For a budget-friendly tourist experience, it can be a good choice.

Solo Bike Rides

If the Delhi To Dharamshala bus service does not seem exciting, then, bike rides could the ultimate choice of many. If the comfort and coziness of travel can be compromised to gush and adventure, a bike ride from Delhi to Dharamshala can be chosen.

Many bikers opt for the same route by NH44 and NH503 could be taken for a smooth ride. In most cases, it counts somewhere around nine to ten hours excluding halts and refreshments. Don’t forget to carry food, water, and first aid, and ensure your vehicle is in good condition before making a start.

Essentials To Be Taken During Travel

Since long hours of journey, good driving skills and climatic changes are inevitable in this trip. A handful of essentials must be carried along with the luggage. Warm clothes, water, light food, first aid, torch, toiletries, and blanket.

No one expects a bad day and a bad day does not come with a call. It is always advised to remain prepared for the unseen challenge. Alongside, the fuel should be perfectly monitored to avoid last-minute regrets. While going on long trips, the first things first should be taken up.

Sight-seeing In Dharamshala

Dharamshala beholds the most scenic landscapes around her sprawling beauty ranging from breathtaking mountain views to spiritual institutions, from fresh waterfalls to the world’s highest sports arena. It is a one-stop destination for every adventurer and tour lover. It would be difficult to cover all in a single shot.

Hence, here’s a list of a few that would lighten your mood and make your trip worthy of your time and money.

1: Triund Hill
2: Dal Lake
3: The Dalai Lama Temple Complex
4: HPCA Stadium
5: Namgyal Monastery
6: St. John Church
7: Bhagsu Waterfall
8: Kangra Fort

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