Family Vacation as Summer is approaching and it’s time to revel in the charms of summer. With schools and colleges closed, you have a good opportunity to travel with your family to a place that has little to do with constantly rising temperature and is free from many constraints of city life.

Vibrant colors, The melodious Chirping of birds, lush green landscapes, Flowering plants and a variety of fruits, melting snow on the mountains, lots of water sports on scenic beaches, and Long walks.

That’s the beauty of summer. Here is a list of must-visit places for those who haven’t yet decided where to go on a vacation in India with their Family Vacation.

List of Best Places to Visit in Summer in India with Family

A Kashmiri lady, who lives in the same building that I live in, once over a cup of tea said something that urged me to go and visit Kashmir. She said to go to Kashmir, not because several brochures, websites, and magazines tell you to, but because you should!

I have never seen beauty so divine and perfect anywhere but in Kashmir. The amiable people and the heartwarming hospitality add to the charm of the valley. Best time to visit for Family Vacation.

Ladakh is beautiful, unique, and incredible! It is something that you have never seen before! A perfect holiday destination in the Himalayas.

BUT I would only recommend a family holiday here to people who think they can handle the moody weather and have older kids. As beautiful as this place is, it is equally rigorous and challenging. The best places to visit in Ladakh with family are Leh and regions.

Amazing Nature Tour With Family

Dharamshala is the mighty Dhauladhar who does the magic for Dharamshala! A quiet valley that is overlooked by lofty snow-clad mountains, Dharamshala wears the costume of beauty and invites travel enthusiasts to experience the marvels of nature.

I clearly remember the summers of May 2011, when my friends decided to buy tickets for a cricket match between Delhi Dare Devils and Kings XI Punjab. Dharamshala came to life as a scene from a movie.

Darjeeling is Inarguably one of the most popular summer destinations in India, Darjeeling is dubbed as ‘Queen of the Hills’. The modern-day Darjeeling is a busy hub and may I put it humbly, a bit congested.

However, the charm of this beautiful destination still remains young. One can trudge to Tiger Hill peak early in the morning to witness the best sunrises in India. The Toy Train ride is something that can be enjoyed with the entire family.

We Jaboo Holidays are there to help you with tours and travel with Family Vacation.

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