Holidays are always fun irrespective of the season but the coziness of holidays in winter can be experienced to the fullest in a country as diverse as India.

Are you also looking to live a different experience this year? Leh Ladakh tour might be the best offbeat path you could try to celebrate the Year 2022 in a unique manner. In this blog, we will talk about everything you can do on the Leh Ladakh tour to bring in the year in style.

What makes the new year in Ladakh unique?

The highlight of the Leh Ladakh tour is the Losar Festival. It is a 15-day long festival that falls about the time of winter.

During this 15-day celebration, several ceremonies are held in the different monasteries of Ladakh. The festival is celebrated to bring in the new year with positivity and hope.

The celebration often commences with a procession called Metho that is carried out through the streets, markets, and lanes. The people chant sacred slogans and carry flame torches with a belief that it will ward off all the evil spirits.

The Ladakh new year is all about a vibrant blend of culture, folk dance and music performances, gifts exchange, and a variety of special dishes. So, if you are wondering how to celebrate New Year in Ladakh, you can head to any of the monasteries and enjoy the delightful ambiance.

Highlights of Losar festival in Ladakh

1. Special prayers in monasteries.
2. Folk and music performances.
3. A variety of dishes like Guthuk, which is a soup dish.
4. Watch the colorful spectacle of a large procession.
5. Attend music concerts, and live music gigs.
6. Popular things to do on New Year’s Eve in Ladakh.
7. You can start off your New Year. celebration by being a part of the Losar festival. And follow it by engaging in other interesting things to do in and around Leh and Ladakh.

Go shopping in the vibrant Leh market

The famous street market of Leh Ladakh tour has many lanes and by-lanes that have plenty to offer.

The main market is lined with shops selling old traditional Tibetan items, prayer flags, and Buddha figurines. You can even find beautiful paintings that are perfect to take back as souvenirs or for gifting purposes.

Trek on the frozen river

Chadar trek is a great trek to do during the months of January and February. The trek is over the Zanskar river which lies frozen during the winter months.

Therefore, the most preferred time to trek would be in January. The journey starts from the mountainous town of Leh Ladakh tour and the only way to reach here is by flight.

Things to be taken care of

1. Be aware of the ice sheet conditions
2. Slippery ice can be found in several sections. Therefore trekkers should walk on with utmost care.
3. There may even be cracks in the ice that should be avoided.
4. The trekker should be aware of the ice condition at all times.
5. Camping spot should also be chosen accordingly.
6. Pangong Lake is known for its spectacular beauty. Pangong Lake is in a completely frozen state during the winter months.

You can definitely include visiting it for a unique experience as a part of your Leh Ladakh tour new year holiday.

In the frozen avatar, the lake looks inviting enough for an ice hockey game. However, it is recommended not to walk on any frozen lake as it is highly unsafe.

Spot snow leopards

While there are a lot of places where you can sight snow leopards in India, Ladakh is considered one of the best. And as snow leopard sightings are the best in winter.

You can indulge in this extraordinary experience on new year’s eve from the close quarter at Hemis National Park.

You get to trek on the mountains of Ladakh and see snow leopards at a short distance under the guidance of professional Ladakhi guides. However, sign up for this activity only if you have oodles of patience.


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