Have you ever seen floating joy?

If not, visit Srinagar and Dal Lake, which redefines all emotions and gives terms a new meaning. As far as I could see, it was a wide field of floating bliss. This lake has a unique poise thanks to the hues, shades, and reflections. Which inspires many moods of happiness in the heart, mind, and soul.
No word can describe it. The mind-blowing ethereal beauty of Srinagar and Dal Lake is a natural wonder. One will run out of terms to describe the Dal Lake’s various tints, hues, and nuances. It generates a variety of stunning impressions with the surrounding snow-capped mountains. That has the imposing capacity to change any person. Every second spent in Srinagar and Dal Lake’s time-defying aura prickles moments. That defines a person’s life and sticks with them for all eternity. It can be difficult for tourists with cameras to decide. Whether to take pictures using their eyes or their lenses
God must be painting the world. While traveling on a shikara, and drafting the planet’s blueprints. While sipping Himalayan kahwa on a houseboat’s rooftop,n. Everyone can have their own Eden, and I can discover my floating Eden in Dal Lake. Eve and Adam must dupe into tasting the forbidden fruit. When they give a sample of the famous Kashmiri apple.
It was wintertime when I first saw it, and the experience was quite unique. I must say that Dal Lake was where my 10-day honeymoon began. Which is likely why this lake had such a spellbinding effect on me. We arrived in Srinagar after an exhausting, lengthy Indian marriage. And take to the famous promenade that rings Dal Lake. Everything that happened after that enhanced the quality of our honeymoon.
In February 2015, it was an overcast day, and as we boarded our Shikara Boat (water taxi), snow began to fall. Shikara rides on Dal Lake and snowfall were. Thus our two first-time experiences occurred together. While we were transitioning to our first houseboat stay. These two encounters proved to be too much for us to take. The grandeur was all about us. Including the snow-capped mountains, the free-falling snowflakes, and the expansive Dal Lake. And the locals on boats going about their daily business. And the floating marketplaces, the final row of fabled houseboats. Sold our minds, heart, and each of our five senses. We finally understood why Kashmir was long described. As the only Heaven on Earth because it was actually heaven. Our senses still tingle as we recall our first encounter with Srinagar and Dal Lake. Which makes us grin. It was true love at first sight, and they say that true love never dies.



There are many facets to life on the Dal Lake, and it is.

Dal Lake is not a water body but the lifeline of thousands who live on and within it. It has many houseboats which fed with daily needs through the floating market. A boat ride across and through this scenic. Yet rustic habitat gives a true glimpse into the mundane life of a Kashmiri. With every push of the oar, as the boat goes inside the water lanes. Life on Dal Lake amazes your senses with its colorful life. Impresses your mind with its exciting nuances. And induces your soul with its aroma for perpetuity. Srinagar and Dal Lake are one of the best places to visit. 
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