Travel to Bhutan is something mesmerizing about the kingdom of Bhutan. The wonderful climate, historic monasteries, the gorgeous views may sound cliche. But somehow manages to touch every soul that visits this majestic yet simple land.

Traveling to Bhutan may be a wonderful experience. If you also want to enjoy the ultimate vacation experience in the Land of Thunder Dragon, then this blog is for you. Know the awesome things to do and learn what you must pack for your Bhutan trip!

Top 5 things to do in Bhutan

Hike to Tiger’s Nest- Tiger Nest Monastery is one of Travel to Bhutan’s most sacred sites. The Monastery is located in the Paro Valley and is only approachable by trekking which takes around two hours.

Instead of trekking, you can also hike a horse but you still need to walk for some distance so make sure you wear comfy shoes anyway.

Take part in adventure activities- The rugged terrains of Bhutan make it a perfect place to enjoy cycling and mountain biking. You can also try rock climbing or trek to Druk Path if you are looking for something more intense.

Also, don’t forget to indulge in white water rafting along Par Chhu. When it comes to adventure activities, Bhutan truly offers you numerous options to indulge in.

Attend traditional festivals– Like everything else happening in this country, Bhutan’s festivals provide you with an opportunity to get an insight into the vibrant culture of this country.

Traditional festivals are celebrated in several parts of the country where locals gather to watch masked dancers and other performers and enjoy food. If you’re traveling in March, do attend the Gomphu Kora Festival.

Sakteng Festival, Merak Tshechu, and Thimphu Tshechu are some of the other festivals that you must definitely experience in Travel to Bhutan.

Learn archery– Archery is the national sport of Bhutan. It is a popular game practiced everywhere in the country even during traditional festivals.

On several auspicious days, competitions are held across the country that are attended by thousands of people.

So, while planning a trip to Bhutan, don’t forget to include a session to watch or learn archery in your Bhutan tour package!

Relish local food– Apart from its rich culture, Bhutan is also popular for its delicious local food. Ema Datshi is a mix of green.

And dry red chilies prepared in cheese are the most famous Bhutanese food. Besides, you must not miss trying Hoentay a variation of momos, Suja a Bhutanese butter tea, and Ara, an alcoholic drink.

What to pack?

1. Raincoat and umbrella in case you plan your trip in the monsoon season.
2. Pack light clothes for summer while heavy layers and warm socks if traveling in winter to Travel to Bhutan.
3. Camera with plenty of storage to capture the beautiful landscape.
4. Carry swimwear if you wish to experience the hot springs.
5. Comfortable shoes and a good pair of hiking shoes.
6. Motion sickness and your other regular medicine.

As Concluded

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